Big Wave Dave’s Annual Chili Cook-off Nov. 28th

Contributor:  Dave Adams
Hope everyone is ready for the Big Wave Dave Chili Cookoff.  The big day is Friday, Nov. 28th.
Cooking will start at 10:00 a.m. at the Clubhouse in Cholla Bay, setting up at 9:00 with Bloody Mary’s for the cookers.
We will be supplying the spoons and tasting cups, so no need to bring any of that. Tasting will begin at 12:00.
There will be a raffle, and all coming to the event are asked to bring donations of dogfood for Nancy Phelan’s animal rescue.  Nancy prefers Kirkland brand dog food, but any brand will work. Welton’s and Abamex in Peñasco both carry Kirkland brand. Abamex market is past Ley’s before you get to Benito Juarez. The owner of Abamex says if you say the dog food is for the cookoff he will give you a discount. Otherwise Sam’s and many other stores in Peñasco carry large bags of food.
To help encourage tasters to bring extra dog food, this year with every bag donated you will receive free tickets for the raffle.
Any donation for the raffle or dog food can be dropped off anytime at Bedrock in Cholla.
See everyone at the Cookoff

Big Wave Dave



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