AZ Gives Day can help local activities – April 5th!

Contributor: Kathleen Duncan (la Tía Katy)

It is almost Arizona Gives Day and Steps of Love is joining many other Arizona non-profits in a special donation drive next Tuesday April 5thSteps of Love is an AZ non-profit that provides support for Pasos de Amor orphanage in Sonoyta, Mexico, as well as various forms of support to the AIM Peñasco civil association, which was formed to expand forms of assistance to children across Puerto Peñasco in areas of education, combating poverty, disabilities, and much more, including the Amores de Peñasco children’s home.

If Steps of Love is one of the top fundraising organizations in their category (small non-profits) on this day they can earn a bonus donation of up to $15,000!!! While they would love to receive some large donations so they can earn this bonus, they have also been offered a special bonus donation if they are able to mobilize a large group of individual small donors. To earn a $1,000 bonus donation they only need to have 250 people make a $10 minimum donation next Tuesday (April 5th). If they are successful they will not only earn the bonus but this will show that anyone can be a philanthropist, and even small donations help make a difference.

All donations must be made on Arizona Gives Day to be eligible for bonus donations but you can use the link below anytime to schedule your donation for next Tuesday April 5th.

Just make a minimum $10 donation using your credit card (of course you are welcome to donate more!). The date below the credit card information is pre-set for 4/5/2016 and that is when your donation will be processed.

I am so grateful for the support I have received from my friends and family over the past three years and would be especially proud to receive the 250 $10 minimum donations to show the kids we serve how many people care about their futures.

Thanks in advance for your support and feel free to share this with friends and family or on Social Media.

P.S. You do not have to live in Arizona to make a donation!



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