Artists encouraged to donate paintings to Casa Hogar

In seeking to brighten up the living areas and individual rooms of residents at the José Dávalos “Casa Hogar” Home for the elderly, the Casa Hogar Board is inviting local artists to donate pieces of art based on positive and harmonious themes to the home.

Santiago Ruiz, Casa Hogar Board President, detailed the idea is for artists to donate their own work through the goodness of their own hear, and that they themselves hang up the paintings in the rooms of the residents and therefore also spend time with the “abuelos”.

January 21st will be the first deadline to receive paintings at Casa Hogar, which will include a simple event with participating artists and home residents.

“The idea is for the facility to look more like a home, helping to brighten rooms and of course bringing in artists/painters from the community,” noted Ruiz.

Currently, resident rooms at Casa Hogar do not display specific details or paintings, requiring some color to help make the facility look more like a home.

For more information, contact Santiago Ruiz: 638 384 6166



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