Alejandro Filio concert Aug. 23rd

For more than 30 years, contemporary Mexican singer/songwriter troubador Alejandro Filio has sought to strengthen Mexican music. This Saturday, August 23rd, Filio’s poetry and song will fill the Las Palomas Convention Center in Puerto Peñasco.  Tickets are 300 pesos (about $23 US and available at the Reception desk of Phase II at Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort).

Alejandro Filio

Born March 13, 1960 in Mexico City as Alejandro Gómez Herrera, Filio began his musical career as a composer at the age of 16. His music bridges borders, extending across the Spanish speaking world as he shares his poetry through song.

Facebook PromoFilio’s first performances took place in the 80s in bars across Mexico City though he soon was participating in Festivals and television programs while remaining independent and reaffirming his commitment to song, defending the image of the “troubador” folk singer, guitar in hand.

Since the 90s, Alejandro Filio has defined the true goal of a professional “troubador,” singing in cultural circuits across the country while also starting up his own recording company, Lundra Produccions created in 1998 by Filio and Maru Bayardo. To date, Alejandro Filio has seventeen albums, as well as two DVDs.  Each of these achieves the goal, he explains, of the true “troubador” in interpreting popular feelings by playing to the most sensitive fabric of a public who today recognizes him as one of the most important singer/songwriters in the Spanish speaking world.   (Biographical information from: Alejandro Filio)

Concerts and Festivals

1994.- Concert with Alejandro Lerner en el Teatro Degollado de Guadalajara, México.

1997.- Participation in Festival de la Canción Política en el Teatro Carl Marx de la Habana, Cuba .

1998.- Special guest with Silvio Rodriguez in the Auditorio Nacional y el Monumento a la Revolución.

1999.- Concert with Pedro Guerra en la Universidad I.T.E.S.O. de Guadalajara, México.

2000.- 3 Conciertos “TRES CANTAUTORES EN CONCIERTO” with Pedro Guerra y Vicente Feliú , en el Teatro Degollado de Guadalajara, en el Centro de Espectáculos Mirage en Puebla, y en el Teatro de la Ciudad de Monterrey.

2000.- Invited guest at the Encuentro Iberoamericano de la Canción “Un Canto de Todos”, celebrado en La Habana, Cuba.

2001.- Invited guest of Pedro Guerra en Oviedo, Vigo, Puerto de la Cruz y Gran Canaria, España.

2001.- Invited guest of León Gieco en Mar del Plata y Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2001.- Concert “TRES CANTAUTORES EN CONCIERTO” con Santiago Feliú y Francisco Villa en el Teatro Providencia de Santiago de Chile.

2001.- Participation in the Festival Altaveu de SantBoi, Cataluña.

2001.- Participation in the Encuentro de Cantautores de La Laguna, Islas Canarias, España.

2002.- Participation in the concert “TRES CANTAUTORES EN CONCIERTO” con Jorge Drexler y Rogelio Botanz en Palma de Mallorca y Valencia, España.

2002.- Concert with Nito Mestre en Costa Rica.

2002.- Concert at the Festival del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México junto a Jorge Drexler .

2002.- Concert “Con Tus Ojos” con Pedro Aznar como invitado especial en Santiago de Chile.

2002.- Participation in three concerts with Pedro Aznar y Silvina Garré en las ciudades de Guadalajara, Puebla y Mexico, D.F., como presentación de disco “Con tus ojos”.

2004.- Participation in the Festival Internacional “Las Cuatro Voces Más Grandes de la Trova” con Alberto Cortez, Pablo Milanés and Francisco Céspedes .

2005.- Recording of second DVD in  Buenos Aires, Argentina, accompanied by León Gieco, Juan Carlos Baglietto and Pedro Aznar.



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