911 now in effect throughout Sonora

Beginning Monday, October 3rd, the 9-1-1 emergency number went into effect for Puerto Peñasco, and the whole state of Sonora, while the former emergency number 066 continues to operate for now.

The new 911 number should be used solely for cases of emergency when help is required from the police, Civil Protection, the Fire Department, ambulances, and/or the Red Cross.

Along with Sonora, 911 is to go into effect in 15 other states, with the goal of unifying the emergency number and making response times more efficient.

Local safety authorities confirm the 911 number is now in service while 066 may also be used for now until everyone becomes accustomed to the new number.

Once again, 911 should only be used in emergency situations, or in situations where one’s life is at risk. This will help ensure appropriate service and that the number is used correctly.

There are 194 municipal or state emergency centers in Mexico, of the so named C4, C5, and C6.



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