3rd Annual BooBar Poker Run! Feb 6th

By José Flores @ BooBar

It’s almost that time again….Time for the 3rd annual Boobar Poker Run! In reality, this will be the 4th run we do, the first 2 being friends just looking for a good time during our off times Monday-Friday, which is pretty much how it all started initially with José(Boo) and Pacman (Capone’s) …Beginning last year, we decided to make it public to anyone who wished to come along, and decided to advertise the event! Sometimes it’s hard for those of us working in the tourism industry to make it to other events that are mostly held over the weekends which is why it will be held during the week.

So, here we are, once again planning for the day after the Superbowl, Feb 6th, the most missed work day of the year! We encourage you to tell your boss to chill and come join us!

Basically, the event goes as follows…

Cost is $20 US Dollars to enter. You can sign up at the Boobar anytime between yesterday and Feb 1st. Paid entries get an event t-shirt, a free drink coupon at the Boobar, plus a poker run game card, while the rest goes to the pot for your chance to win cash!

There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place cash prizes! All money is awarded and nothing is kept in house. You get to have a fun time while possibly making some dinero at the same time!

The run is approx 50 miles round trip, and you WILL need a 4X4 for some parts of the beach. We have several 4X4’s, extra air, tools, tow straps, etc. available in case of breakdowns or someone getting stuck, because let’s face it, it’s not off-roading unless someone gets stuck!

There will be 5 cards drawn, 1 at each of the 4 stops along the run with the 5th being back at the Boobar where tally sheets will be turned in, counted and cash prizes given. We will be pulling out cards and tables for you to line up in a single file line to draw your card and have your sheet stamped in the appropriate spot. You will be able to redeem your drink coupon and have something from our Poker Run menu as the tally sheets are getting counted at the end of the run.

We wish to remind you of a couple of things:

1. This is NOT a race! Everyone goes out together and everyone comes back together.
2. We ask you do NOT go off-roading into the desert! Part of the run is along the Pinacate reserve. We understand there are some bad-ass machines out there, but we ask you to take care of and respect our deserts. There will be parts along the beach where you can show off and, most certainly, our last stop at Black Mountain offers a great hill and a bit of a challenge for many.
3. Be courteous to others both in front and behind you. You don’t want to stop in the sand unless you have no choice! Stopping for no reason may result in you and even others getting stuck.

****THE AFTER-RUN PARTY will be held at our favorite watering hole, Al Capone’s Pizza! An greeting shot will be given along with a 15% off your total tab! The celebration must go on!  Info:  3rd Annual BooBar Poker Run



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